What is your fitness Level?


Physical health is the best for you all my friends. We all know but miss somewhere. The hardest part is always the beginning. Many of my new & old friends will have to decide today after reading this mall post. All the best in advance.

Friends, a lifestyle is not just about looking good. It is feeling good too. We to prioritise our health. I have given a few points, Just go through them.

Do not tell me that I am 60+ because life is just a number. You become what you think. So be ready as a destiny-maker

You are the master of your life. Fitness only you will have to do.

  1. You will have to wake up early
  2. Your body is the only priority in your life
  3. Only you will have to gain muscle gain or weight loss
  4. You will have to go gym daily
  5. You have to borrow money from anyone but health building only you can do
  6. Sound sleep only you have to do
  7. You can outperform all only with good health
  8. You have to do a morning walk, jogging, running, and yoga daily
  9. This you can do mental & emotional strength will be made by you
  10. Nobody else for you can do, no one else will do for you

NOW WHAT WE ARE WAITING. Decide today & start from today only. Do not worry that today is Sunday.


Now tell me friends what you are thinking. I am not going to listen to anything. Just give your 30-day challenge from today itself. Write your progress. We will be writing our best achievement points in the comment box.

I hope you will not make me feel good by achieving your fitness goals. God bless you all.

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