Do you remember your daily best jobs done?


Hello, my friends, Live your life with wonderful gestures & that too lively. Can we do it, yes of course you can do it. You become what you think. When the mind says to do something which adds value to others then your purpose for life is done.

But if we live for ourselves then no scope for betterment. Live lively dear as life will not be gifted to us time & again. Just chill with full happiness. You might have seen that as stated in my story, my purpose is to help the needy, what the best way I can. We will be getting maximum benefits at all levels.

We get back when we help others in tough situations. So be a helping hand, not leg pullers. We all can do it. Just start from today itself. all the best. Our attitude should be very much positive to get great going. Just try from today.

Also, count daily what we are doing best today. just like a few points mentioned below.

  1. Wake up early
  2. Drink lukewarm water
  3. Drink more & more water
  4. Meditation
  5. Gratitude
  6. Morning rituals lay a good foundation for the day
  7. Healthy eating habits
  8. Goals setting
  9. Self-love
  10. Parents respect
  11. The best rituals for your kids
  12. Respect ladies, crimes will come down automatically
  13. Best friends selection
  14. Health improvement exercises like morning walks, yoga, jogging, running, and sports indoors or outdoors
  15. To-do list use
  16. Time management
  17. Limit screen time
  18. Daily book reading
  19. Life-long learner attitude
  20. Learn new skills
  21. Love you relationships
  22. Motivate your team
  23. No politics & always work hard
  24. Educate your children in the best way
  25. Smile in all situations
  26. Energetic always, some people say good morning all through the day.
  27. Invest money wisely, save money for the rainy season
  28. Volunteer & give back
  29. More tree plantation
  30. The deep work thought process
  31. Good like-minded network development

All points are self-explanatory.

We can add anything left out in the comment box.

Love you all. God bless you all.

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