Can a person be passionate about multiple things at the same time? How can one prioritize which passion to pursue first?


Yes, a person can be passionate about multiple things at the same time. But one cannot be a jack of all traits so it will be better if a person takes a special niche to go into the details. We can do miracles in our life provided we are making our life simple and high thinking attitude.

One has to go through gratitude every day every time. Every moment whenever you are a little free on the second hand, you will have to try meditation without fail in your daily routine. This life is really great. We cannot achieve so easily. My dear friends, sometimes we make our life very difficult. When there is no need for it. Then we spend our whole time resolving the issues.

In the end, I would say that one should prioritise his oblique her passion and should lead his life accordingly. I’m a textile engineer who worked for around 44 years in textiles with the blessings of all my elders, spiritual gurus and friends like you. I am always giving gratitude to all my fellow friends because due to their support, I could complete this span of miraculous. wonderful years.

One more point I want to say is that you have to work hard all through your life to succeed, and this hard-working nature has been blessed with the blessings of my parents. There is no shortcut to a hard-working and positive attitude.

After working for a long time in the textile industry in India, I have started learning a lot of other things like logging writing, YouTube, podcasting and digital marketing. I am working hard for digital marketing and blogging at the moment only two things at a time. Some of my lovely friends ask why you are worrying about retirement.

But I tell them I am retired but not tired, giving my thoughts as a lifelong learner. I’m highly motivated by my father who is around 86 years young man. Dear friends, he has developed a new habit of learning IAS tricky questions for which he has made around 1000 question answers. One can see what is the need for this, but on the other hand, these lifelong learning habits, make genius and he is busy with his work.

I am thankful from my heart for your wonderful support of my questions and answers. May God bless you.

Positive Mindset